Funny Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Captain Rex Costume

That's where these creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas come in handy. This fun play on the popular British pop group requires minimal planning, and is great for a group of friends

Let's face it, it's better to coordinate a group halloween costume with your besties. Here are 14 costume ideas that you and your girl squad will absolutely love.

40 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas. It's more fun if everyone in the office wears the stripes and you make the UPS guy guess where your desk is. (via Brit + Co) Are you and your friends ready to rock any of these impressive group Halloween costumes? Snap a pic and tag us on

67 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas. BY Miss Cellania. A group of five friends dressed as the monsters plus Max from the Maurice Sendak's book Animals cats christmas fun holidays News Pets

With help from Pinterest and Brit + Co's post on 130 Winning Group Halloween Costume Ideas, we've rounded up some ideas that are creative, easy to do, and still, keep it classy. 1 - Orange is the New Black. Everyone's favorite Netflix show gets a second chance at being your group's signature look this Halloween.

With group Halloween costume ideas ranging from whimsical, like ice cream sundaes and fuzzy dice, to iconic, like the Sanderson sisters and the Disney princesses, it'll be hard to go wrong with any

Captain Rex Costume
Snow Owl Costume
Headless Bride and Groom Couples Costume - Photo 3/5
Jigsaw Boy's Halloween Costume
Phoenix Halloween Costume - Photo 5/5
A Bad Case of Stripes Costume - Photo 2/3
Pink Cotton Candy Costume - Photo 3/4
Maiden Voyage - Frozen Titanic Victim Halloween Costume
Gene Simmons Halloween Costume
Homemade Rocket Man Costume - Photo 4/5
Croc Shoe Creative Halloween Costume - Photo 4/5
LEGO Lord Business Costume
Roller Derby Diva Halloween Costume
Ash from Sing Costume - Photo 5/5
ALF Costume
Handmade Mirror Man Costume
DIY Bald Eagle Costume
Homemade Tick Costume - Photo 3/3
DIY LEGO Lord Business Costume - Photo 6/6

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